Have you ever used a door in a glass partition? I remember clearly using glass partition doors that had no soft close and would constantly slam shut, shaking the wall itself and distracting everyone. They also had to be propped open with the medieval door stop. Are you as fed up as i was with these unnecessary issues? Hopefully this brief article will show you that choosing a glass partition system with a soft close door for your next or replacement partition is an important step to consider.

Notice the difference? A simple door close system can make a huge impact on your office or home environment, so please bare this in mind when choosing your glass partition. Or maybe you have a glass partition already installed and you are proving these issues on a daily basis, the improvement to the overall area environment and peace for your staff or family would surely justify looking into replacing that glass partition with one that has a better door system. If you are looking for a glass partition then please consider our user friendly, easy to install, high quality and most importantly soft close door included products we would be very happy to help you.