Single glazed - Inline partition
Single glazed - 1 Sided room with internal wall
Single glazed - 2 sided room
Single glazed - 2 sided room with internal wall
Single glazed - 3 sided room
Single glazed - 3 sided room with internal wall
Single glazed - 4 sided room
Single glazed - 4 sided room with internal wall
Crittall glazed - Inline partition
Crittall glazed - 1 sided room with internal wall
Crittall glazed - 2 sided room
Crittall glazed - 2 sided room with internal wall
Crittall glazed - 3 sided room
Crittall glazed - 3 sided room with internal wall
Crittall glazed - 4 sided room
Crittall glazed - 4 sided room with internal wall

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Save 50% time on site – factory pre-cut to size

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We were very impressed with the price, and very impressed with the speed which we could put the partition up, enabling us to get the job done in a tight time frame.

Sam Dexter - JGM

Thank you for all your support and will definitely be recommending you going forward.

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Glass partitions have become a staple in office and high end domestic interiors, but were out of reach for most of us. With our new IPS system we have opened the doors to a far wider audience reducing the costs by not needing site surveys and professional installers, and introducing a system that is simple enough for those with a bit of DIY skill and a helping hand to install themselves which also reduces the timeline by over half.

Are Northgate IPS partitions the best partitions for you?

Northgate IPS partitions are delivered in kit form. We do not offer install ourselves.


Do order an IPS partition if:

  • You are confident you can install the screen yourself
  • You have a builder who can install it for you
  • You would like us to put us in contact with a distributor who offers fitting

Don't order a partition if:

  • You are unable to install it yourself and your are unable to find anyone to asist.

Check out our fitting guide for further instructions on how to install our screens.

Are Northgate IPS partitions easy to install?

Yes! Northgate IPS partitions are much quicker and easier to install than standard partitions. All parts come in a ready made kit that eliminates cutting. Watch how easy an install is on our video:


Do I need fireproof partitions

Sometimes building control or the details on your structural drawings will specify that you require fire rated partitions. 


Although our glass has certain fire accreditations our partitions cannot be certified as fire safe as this relies on both the construction and the certifications that the fitters hold. 


If you require fully certified fireproof partitions email us on and we will put you in touch will one of our close partners that offers this service.

What will a Northgate IPS partition cost?

As a general rule our partitions come out cheaper than others on the market for one reason:

  • We do not offer fitting ourselves

If you look at the price of the partition alone without the install, it may come out a little higher than buying the raw materials yourself, here are the reasons:

  • All the parts are pre cut to size specially for you offering easy installation in one go
  • Due to the nature of the design, the partition can easily be moved or reused.
  • The final finished piece if fitted correctly is of the same standard as you would expect from any other quality partition on the market


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