A wall of glass without dividers in between each panel, is it even possible? The short answer is yes but keep reading through this post to get the full picture on the intricacies of glazing without dividers.


Our system comes as standard with the upright mullions or posts, this is an integral part of our system and is what holds all together vertically

However we could supply it without the posts so that the old fashioned way of silicone jointing (where they physically silicone joint the glass together) can be done. This will require a professional who is capable of carrying out this procedure, and significantly increase the cost of the project. Please talk to our team about this if it is the way you want to go, before you order.

Our modern system relies on the posts which go into both head and floor track and this is what gives the partition tolerance, it allows the system to move up and down inside the top and bottom track’s but supporting the glass at the same time.

It can be done but we certainly wouldnt recommend it as it adds more complications and potential issues to your project.