So what makes us so confident that we are changing the norm when it comes to glass partitions. The idea behind this learning centre is not to sell our product to you, but simply to help you answer any questions that you may have and this is a question we have recieved a lot.

The Traditional Method

So what happens when you request a quote with any other glass partition company.

1. You get a provisional quote that may or may not be accurate

2. They send someone on a site visit to measure up and go through all the technical options. And you are given another quote

3. They send in installers to fit the metalwork and then measure up for the glass

4. They then send installers back in once the glass has arrived to fit the glass and the final trim.

5. You can enjoy your finished project.


The Northgate IPS Method


1. You the customer measure up the space and put your measurements into the quote tool, getting an accurate quote.


2. If you are happy with the quote you place the order.


3. The partition arrives ready for either you to install or a recommended fitter all in one go, including door closers and our innovative levelling base track as standard ( these would not be standard from most other glass partition companies)


I hope that this answers your questions and if you have any more questions please dont hesitate to contact us at