Northgate IPS partitions are delivered in kit form. We do not offer install ourselves. However we strive to make it as easy as possible to install a our partitions, without the complications and technicalities traditionally involve in the install of a glass partition.


Delivered ready for install

3 week delivery

Save time and hassle – factory pre-cut to size

Complete kit delivered to your door

With an easy and accurate quote and ordering system, customer support throughout the process and the kit delivered with as little assembly work for you as possible we hope that you choose Northgate IPS as the partition system for you.

Do order an IPS partition if:



  • You are confident you can install the screen yourself
  • You have a builder who can install it for you
  • You would like us to put you in contact with a distributor who offers fitting



Don’t order a partition if:



  • You are unable to install it yourself and your are unable to find anyone to asist.



Check out our fitting guide for further instructions on how to install our screens. And check out our other post, Are Northgate IPS Partitions Easy To Install to help you decide whether you can install it yourself.