Have you got a unique requirement for the frosting on your partition? Or maybe you would just like to know the paramaters, so that you can decide what is the best option for you. We hope that this brief article will give you the information you require.

Normal DDA Dots/ Squares

 this is an industry norm for any single glazed partition where you have glass panels floor to ceiling with no break, by law you need something so people can see the glass, as below. 1 Line is enough to fulfill the requirements by law, but you can choose 2 or more if you wish.

Dots Manifestation/Frosting

Enhanced Privacy – Frosted film 

This is the next choice we offer and it would be anything from a band of frosting to a full cover of frost floor to ceiling, we include most options in this , as below examples

Premium – Company logo/custom Design (£POA)

This is for anything else over and above the other options. We can do pretty much any design in just frosted or including logos and colour etc. as below, however we suggest that if you have a highly customised frosting that someone in your local area with the expertise fits it after the design and pricing is agreed with us, we can fit it predelivery but there is always the chance that the frosting design work could get slightly damaged during transport.

We hope this content has answered the questions you may have had, if you still have questions then please feel free to contact us at hello@northgateips.com